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5 tips for wedding ready hair

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

As the planning starts and the chaos settles we have to start thinking about the most important thing, your hair!!! I mean, I guess not the most important buuut let's be real, its in the top 10.

I got you, girl. I want to take out the guess work for you. I always have a game plan with my brides and I want to map it out for you as well.

Every artist is different, we all have different tips, tricks and products to get us our desired result.

But I think we can all agree on these 5 steps...

1. Hair Care regimen.

What are you currently using?

Is it herbal essences or Pantene?

trust- I am not shaming you...

Buttt I would suggest speaking to your artist for their advice on a good regimen to get those locks in order.

My ultimate fav for pre wedding hair prep is Sebastian Volupt. For the day before blow out, I would use the entire system. - You're welcome.

I personally use this for my clients and my life. If you have thick hair you can use the Volupt shampoo & a more moisturizing conditioner. If Sebastian isn't your jam, I like to switch it off as well with Redken, Pureology & L'oreal Professional. Trial & error are always the best way to find what works best for you.

Depending on your hair texture and what you need your artist can customize a regimen for you.

2. Treatments

Soooo treatments can vary depending on your hair type... butttt before we begin.

Are you the type to do those sheet masks, or pore cleansing masks on your face?? If so then lets throw in some hair masks and make it a good time <3

Im a sucker for some good ol’ coconut oil.

I also feel like coconut oil can pretty much cure anything.

I know, I know.... you’re thinking, Maria - you’re greek. Its windex! Right...

but for me - girl, literally coconut oil for E V E R Y T H I N G.

A lot of my brides have seen their hair grow so much with the use of this simple treatment.

Shampoo hair, condition, towel dry and add the CO.

Leave for 20 minutes.

If you have time and want to clean the house, more power to you...

Now... There are a lot of debates on coconut oil and its effects... I will jump into that more on another post but for now - Just know you're NOT doing this daily.

Once a week is fine. Promise.

Also, DO NOT do this when you have somewhere to go the next day

It will style super flat - like day four keratin before we had these 24 hours treatments.

If you don't get that analogy then try it out.. you'll see.


Some actual hair product masques that I love though

(because obvi I like those too but most likely coconut oil is in your pantry and you can do it today)

3. Invest in a great pair of extensions

When your consulting and showing us your inspo photos I can preeettttty much guarantee that more than half of them have extensions.

Girl, these Pinterest photos are topping the charts for a reason...

I think you should be realistic with your photos and your goals.

If your desired result is a high bun or glam waves, chances are - you'll be adding in the weave.

They are also a great addition for a down style.

Extensions will give you volume, fullness, in most cases length and more importantly - security!

We are looking to create timeless - not trendy.

You need to be open and upfront with your artist, we need to know what you love and hate. We are here to serve you and help you create the perfect wedding style, more often than not - extensions will help us do that .

4. Trims

Does that sound scary?

It shouldn’t… if you trust your stylist. #Justsaying

Literally - the question I ALWAYS ask my brides,

Do you trust your stylist?

Meaning, Do you have a regular artist who knows your hair and how to cut it?

Do you trust they won’t go scissor happy?

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t have a specific artist or how many stick to their girl even though she cuts off wayyyyyy too much. (Loyalty points tho!)

I believe keeping up with the trims is super important... Also an even more important convo you need to have with your bridal artist.

A little dramatic, but if you get it - you get it!!!

5. Please, pleaseeee get your color appointments in order.

Most colorists are booked months in advance.

As your schedule starts to get busy with last minute wedding details the last thing you will want to think of is… oh sh*t, my roots!

Remember ladies, timeless not trendy. I love a great balayage but if its too grown out, your ends are bright af, and you're doing an up style... Its going to look really funny.

Sit down with your colorist and book all your appointments in advance. Trust me, this will save you sooo much time and anxiety!

Hope this helps you prepare for your big day!



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