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Extension Prep

okay ladies- its about time I made a blog and video about this topic.

Sorry for not thinking of this sooner!

9 out of 10 of my brides are using extensions these days. Extensions are the secret behind all those photos you have been pinning at 2am.

No matter the cost of your extensions, they need to be prepped properly.

Washing and setting the hair makes a complete difference in the end result of your style.

After making the video, I realize I may have left out some key points...

Heres the quick run down...

1. hold all the hair at the top by the clips.

2. run it under the water and get it soaked.

3. shampoo the hair - you don't need to get aggressive, just work it through.

4. rinse.

5. condition.

6. use a light leave in conditioner - comb then apply the thickening spray

7. hit it with the dryer to remove moisture then lay flat to air dry Or hang them on a pant hanger.

Important tips...

Hair should be completely dry on the morning of your wedding.

I suggest washing at least two weeks before the wedding, if not sooner.

You don't want to wait til last minute.

Depending on your hairstyle, your stylist may want them curled before the day of as well.

Here are two videos.


Dont be fooled by the beautiful thumbnail images - the videos are done right in my kitchen.

Not your high end video making skills, butttt you're not hiring me to be a videographer sooo were good

For all my bottom line type ladies...

Heres your quick video on how its done

For all my girls who want a bit more detail...


Let me know if you have any questions!!

Would loveee to help make this process easier for you.


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