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  • How do I book a trial?
    Fill out the contact form on the next page. Within 24-48 hours you will get a response. We will set up a time to discuss details and availability for an appointment.
  • Can I reserve my date without doing a trial?
    Absolutely! A signed contract and deposit will secure your date. The deposit is $150 and will be applied towards whichever package you choose. Deposits can be paid by check or zelle.
  • What can I expect from you at our trial?
    My goal is to understand you and your ideas for your wedding style. We will start by going through photos you have saved. I want to see what you are looking into and what you have in mind. From there we will come up with a game plan and create the first look. I can take you in and out of a few variations of your inspiration. Open communication is key to a successful trial. I want you to feel comfortable telling me everything you are feeling, and I promise... I will tell you how I am feeling too. We are working together to create this look. I want to be sure you are confident in me and my styling. Please leave at least two hours for this appointment, there is no additional fee if it goes over the two hours.
  • How should I prepare for the trial?
    Your hair should be blown out. Second day hair is my favorite. You should have photos saved to your camera roll of styles you love and hate. I suggest wearing a light colored shirt, patterns and high necks can be distracting. If you plan on using extenstions they are a plus to have at the trial. If not, I have extensions we can use to show the look. If you do not have the veil and headpiece, no worries. I have pieces we can play with and I will show you where we place the veil.
  • Where do you do trials?
    All trials with Maria are done in Farmingville. If you choose to work with one of my artists, they will travel on site to you for your appointment.
  • Can you accomodate a larger party?
    Absolutely! I will bring artists along on the events that have at least 6 or more ladies. If you have an early start time, additional artists will be needed as well. *I can not guarantee an artist if you wait to long to let me know the final count of ladies. I send out the details within 3 months of the event, we will always have communication about this topic.
  • If you are not available for my date do you have someone who can accomdate me?
    Absolutely, I have a team of ladies who I can refer. If they are not availabe I can refer you to trusted proffesionals I collaborate with in the industry.
  • Do you do make up as well?
    Girl, you do not want me to do your makeup lol Over my years of working in this industry I have met some incredible makeup artists. If you need help finding someone we can discuss your vibe and I can lead you in the right direction.

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