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Real Brides, Real Talk

Planning a wedding is a piece of cake - Right?!

I mean, Pinterest & Instagram make it feel like it is.

Girl, as long as allll the personalized things come in spelt right and on time, seems like you're winning.

The reality is, planning can be difficult. There are a lot of little elements that can throw you a curve ball so you must be ready to catch it when it comes.

Okay, okay - that's a bit intense.. but that's what were trying to avoid here ladies!

As much as I love to hear myself speak I thought it would be a great idea to get some real brides in here helping give you the advice that maybe a vendor doesn’t see.

My girl, Demetra got married on October 10. As many brides these days, she had to change plans and work around a covid reschedule. Her excitement and ethusisam for the big day never wavered. She was a delight to work with and I am so sooo glad I got to be a part of her big day<3

PS. We fell in love the instant we spoke, she has my daughters name and I was sold.

I know, I know - so biased. But how many Demetra’s do you meet these days?!

It was fate.

She let me interview and ask alllll the questions- from advice on how it feels to plan through covid to how she found her glam team - bc obvi gotta keep it all relative.


M: How did it feel when you realized that your original big wedding plan wasn’t going to happen?

D: at first I was devastated. But after talking it over with my now husband, realized all that mattered in the end was we were getting married.

M: Now that is has happened, do you regret not waiting for the venues to open up?

D: absolutely not! I couldn’t imagine waiting any longer to get married.

M: Was it everything you wanted it to be?

D: it was better than I could have imagined!

M: What was one thing that you may have stressed over that looking back wasn’t such a big deal?

D: the little details! I stressed over such little things that in the end no one missed! Like flowers I ended up having like none and no one noticed!

M: Do you have any tips for brides who are planning a backyard wedding?

D: make it more personal don’t worry about your guests they will enjoy whatever you have! For them it’s a party either way!

Now for the glam questions <3

M: Where did you get your dress from?

D: David’s bridal!

M: When you picked your dress, did you know how you wanted to wear your hair?

D: no idea!

M: How did you get the inspo for your wedding hair?

D: Maria’s Instagram!

M: Who was your makeup artist?

D: AG makeup! ❤️

M: What was the most important thing you were looking for when you were looking into a hair & makeup team?

D: someone who could help lead the way and make me comfortable! Which I think I scored there!

M: You stayed calm, cool & collected on the morning of your wedding… What were some of the things you did to make sure you stayed calm that morning.

D: honestly I was just so ready to marry him and being in my own home helped a lot.

M: What are your top three pieces of advice you can give to brides out there going through the covid planning & replanning?

D: stop stressing! Everything will be perfect!

Don’t worry about your weight which was my biggest downfall! You will look beautiful just as you are! Remember he/she proposed to you the way you are!

Replanning sucks but you get to make it better the second time!

Thank you Demetra for being so open & honest. I hope this will help some brides in their journey of planning.

Here are some amazing photos from Demetra's big day.

Photos shot by Jeanette Joy

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