Feeling the fear...

Updated: Jun 25

Fear comes in all different forms for all of us. Especially as entrepreneurs and creatives

Will they like my work? Will they value my service? Will they choose me over the 500 other artists out there? - I mean, right?!

Sooo many people will look at this as a negative emotion. I challenge you to flip that script… how bout we look at these fears as something to push us through.

If it doesn’t scare you, it doesn’t make you better, right?!

Do you remember when you made the decision to pursue your dream and go all in?

Were you leaving the salon - starting fresh, just trying to make a living.

Soooo, I'm just going to take you on a little trip down memory lane…

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had been working in the salon for 4 years and just recently started to pursue bridal styling. [ PS- My specialty was color ]

It was a Friday in April, earlier that week I had just booked my 17th wedding in three months. My heart was tugging me in this direction. I knew it was time to leave the salon.

I put in my two weeks and by the end of my shift my boss told me I did not have to come back.

I mean, we all saw that coming right...

Its okay, we celebrated the new chapter that night at mulcahys. Yup, I remember the exact place.

I wasn’t scared, I was happy. I was pursuing my new dream.

I finished that season booking 40 weddings in 6 months - I had not a worry in mind. I knew I could depend on myself and I would work hard to build a business as a bridal stylist.

Then the winter came

The days slowed, the income dropped and I learned a LOT of important life lessons.

the two that stick out the most...

1. don’t get cocky.

2. life doesn’t just happen for you. You need to work and prepare.

[Or as some would call it, #adulting]

Have you ever felt defeated because you chose these plans and they didn’t work out?

Because you had these big goals and all of a sudden it was like.. WTF?!

Did I make the right decision? Can I actually do this and make a living?

The fear set in hardcore.

As it will for most people facing a defeat…

If I lead with fear, I absolutely would have crawled back to my salon and asked for my job back. Luckily, I had the right voices in my corner telling me I could make it. I just needed to work more efficiently. I had to learn how to be a business owner.

It is important to feel the fear, you know its there you can't deny the emotion.

Soooo you feel it for a few minutes then you say,

"Eff it. I got this."

You make your plan and move on to the next step.

More eloquently put, Feel the fear and do it anyway.

The words you speak when the fear sets in are what will either propel you forward or push you back.

Do you have a specific fear in mind? What is holding you back today?

I challenge you to look at your fear from a different lense.

Do not be discouraged, rather find the excitement in the struggle and let it encourage you.

You will move forward and it will be better.

I would love to hear your story and the struggles you have been pushing through.

We are in this together - I know the feeling and I want to help!

Lets win together <3

xx, Maria

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